Chameleon RW3+ TNT Class 158

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Chameleon RW3+ TNT Class 158

Post  ehsdpsrla on Sat Oct 06, 2012 5:50 pm

This is Class 158 Chameleon Mega Pack.
Of course this pack has RW3+ TNT feature...


Chameleon Group : RR Group
- Metro Trains, Scot Rail

Chameleon Group : NS Group
- NSTPE_CentralVinyl_Branded, NSTPE_EMTVinyl, NSTPE_EMTVinyl_Branded, NSTPE_FirstVinyl
- RR_FirstVinyl, WYPTE

Chameleon Group : CT Group
- FGW, FGW Weather, FTPE185, South West Trains 159, Thameslink Multi
- Virgin Red XC 158, Virgin Trains 158, Virgin Trains 158 unbranded
- VT, VT Empty, VT 2, VT 2 Empty

Chameleon Group : NR Group
- AlphalineW_b, AlphalineW_bs, AlphalineW_by, AlphalineW_p
- ATW 821, ATW Teal New, ATW_Silver
- FirstNorthWestern, FirstNorthWesternGW, FirstNorthWesternNorthern
- London Midland, NXScotrail
- SAL, SALSnow, SPT, SPTSnow, SR, SRSnow

Keys for Chameleon Livery Change:
- Ctrl+F11, Ctrl+F12 : will move back and forth the liveries within the Group
(You should visit Cab for these Keys to work!)


Have you tried SALSnow or SPTSnow or SRSnow,,,
They have snow effects...
And it's nice to see...

So, I have included these snow effect to ALL 158 default+reskins...
BUt not in winter season, snow effect must be turned down,,

Keys for Snow effect
Ctrl+N will turn ON/OFF snow effect...

For ALL default_reskins : snow effect default OFF,
SALSnow, SPTSnow, SRSnow : snow effect default ON

Was Really hard to finish this pack somany thing sto do!
But it is done!!

Class 158 Chameleon RW3+ TNT.rwp
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Re: Chameleon RW3+ TNT Class 158

Post  RedDragon on Sun Oct 07, 2012 6:10 am

Thank you very much ehs, another brilliant update. cheers



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