Chameleon RW3+ TNT Class 66

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Chameleon RW3+ TNT Class 66

Post  ehsdpsrla on Fri Sep 14, 2012 9:40 am

This is World's first Chameleon Loco Pack.

Why it is called Chameleon?

You can change the Locos's Livery(Repaints) Dynamically during the GamePlay.
Have you heard about this?, I am sure you didn't.
Since it is world's first Chameleno pack!!!

Chameleon Group 1 : Red Group
- Red, Bardon, DB Schenker, DBS-152,
EWS-042, EWS-068, EWS-111, EWS-173, EWS-174, EWS-200, EWS-245
Freightliner, Freightliner-532, GBRf-701

Chameleon Group 2 : RSDL Group
- RSDL, DB Cargo, HHP-29001, HHP-29002, HHP-29003, HHP-29004, HHP-29005, Railion, SNCF_blue, SNCF_grey

Chameleon Group 3 : Green, Black, Blue, Malcolm Group
- Green, Black, Blue, Malcolm, 66717GOB, 66723, 66846CR, 66847CR, 66848CR,
Freightliner-612, GBRf-709, GBRf-713, GBRf-714

Keys for Chameleon Livery Change:
- Ctrl+F11, Ctrl+F12 : will move back and forth the liveries within the Group
(You should visit Cab for these Keys to work!)

Class 66 Tunning:
- Red, Blue, Malcomn : Texture Upgrade
** Red and EWS series Texture are from S&C Class 66 version
- RSDL Cab changed to German Version
- RSDL and German 66 : HeadLight Glows like Red Model
- Damn AP sound Fan*.dav size reduced : from 120M -> 1.2M

RW3+ TNT functions are there:
- You know that, I will not say that again!

Class 66 Chameleon RW3+ TNT.rwp
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This is ALL in ONE pack.
You do not need anything else, just install and run run run!!

** This pack has 35 Repaints, and AP sound pack!
But its size is only 240M when expanded <--- Really Compact!!!


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Re: Chameleon RW3+ TNT Class 66

Post  RedDragon on Sun Sep 30, 2012 4:32 pm

Thank you so much, ehs.

Brilliant mods as always.



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